Teaching & Learning

Clinton Takes Action Against Bullying

The Clinton Community School District tackles a tough conversation about bullying with the use of Thoughtexchange.

What is ClassLink?

Learn about ClassLink through a series of short, animated videos.

Different Paths Up The Same Mountain

White Paper on integrating Standards-Based instruction and Universal Design for Learning to improve access for ALL students.

Reinventing Personalized Literacy for Rural, Urban & Suburban students all within Maury County Public Schools

Maury County Public Schools are leading the way in Tennessee with a vision that all students will be College & Career Ready by the time they graduate. Implementing myON has created a personalized approach to literacy which has created a huge momentum shift for students, teachers and families! While currently moving to a  project-based learning approach, teachers are excited to have their classroom libraries abundant with options to help increase student engagement and achievement! In addition, the real-time data allows for a complete differentiation model for learning and

Personalized Learning Impact Report 2015-2016

Education Elements' annual impact report on personalized learning. This new 2015-2016 report details the quantitative and qualitative results of personalized learning for students and teachers at partner districts across the nation. Included are case studies and links to other personalized learning materials.

District Personalized Learning Framework

Our "Bingo Board" district implementation framework for personalized learning will help you: assess your districts' needs, understand what you need to do next, and map out a plan for moving forward.

Core Four Elements of Personalized Learning

Based on our work with hundreds of schools, we have identified the Core Four Elements of Personalized Learning. These Core Four are designed to provide leaders and educators with: areas of focus to ensure success as they make the shift to personalized learning, guidance in creating a winning strategy for their schools and classrooms, and ideas for what to look for in personalized learning environments. By focusing on these four elements, teachers, principals, parents, and students will create an environment in which personalized learning can succeed.

Eric Jensen Partners with Scientific Learning

Author Eric Jensen, Ph.D. Partners with Scientific Learning to Share Expertise on Poverty, Teaching, and Brain-Based Learning.