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Five-Way Merger Announcement

Illuminate Education, IO Education, SchoolCity, Alpine Achievement, and Key Data Systems have merged to create the largest provider of data platforms, analytics, formative assessments, and a “whole view of the student." What does this mean for you?

Pushing the boundaries

California’s Mountain View Whisman School District partnered with Thoughtexchange to engage more people and come together around school boundary changes.

Challenge: Engage more people on a difficult topic to learn what’s important to everyone. Make informed district boundary changes that receive community support.

Building community trust to prepare for a bond with Thoughtexchange

The Challenge: Build community trust and pass a bond referendum after 10 years and two failures
The Solution: An exchange that let the community easily share and prioritize each other’s thoughts
Results: increased trust and involvement from the community - Passed bond referendum with 67% in favor

K12 Insight's Let's Talk! Solution (Video)

With the advent of school choice, districts must compete for every student and dollar. Surviving in this landscape — despite the disruptive effects of social media — requires brand management and customer service commensurate with 21st century expectations. Building on its success with hundreds of school districts nationwide, K12 Insight weaves cutting-edge solutions into the cultural fabric of district operations at all levels. The company’s latest innovation, Let’s Talk!, makes authentic community engagement easier and more valuable than ever.

Donald Brann rebuilds trust at a California district

Financially-struggling Inglewood USD was taken over by state in 2012

Donald Brann, state trustee of Inglewood USD, has only been on the job six months, but already teachers and administrators are seeing that things are different from what they used to be.

After the state takeover of the financially-struggling district, administrators say just having direct access and being able to communicate with him and receive quick answers to their questions is a change of pace. They had never seen the chief administrator visit their schools before.

Lynn Russo Whylly
Originally published in: 
District Administration
January, 2014

If we don’t stand up for public schools, who will?

Suhail Farooqui, CEO of K12 Insight, discusses strategic communication initiatives that allow the voice of every stakeholder in the public school system to be heard. You'll also hear ideas for ways to dramatically increase trust in school districts by engaging the silent majority through transparency and collaborative decision-making.

Kentucky superintendent Powell turns around three districts in seven years

Joshua Powell is something of a turnaround expert. In his first administrative role at Cloverport (Ky.) Independent, he achieved the highest gains on record in one year, rising in the rankings from 165 to 55, and finally to 9. Then he went to Union County and turned that district around, going from 161 to 52 in three years. Now, he’s leading a team that has taken the Montgomery County Schools from 131 to 47 in one year—and is on track to be in the top 10 by the end of this year. Here’s how he’s doing it.

New Route to Transportation Savings

Public and private students living in the Solanco Public Schools district are picked up and dropped off daily at one of five hubs Solanco uses to bus students.

Solanco Public Schools—short for “Southern Lancaster County”—is the fifth largest district in Pennsylvania, spanning 181 square miles. And it means long bus rides for students: 50 minutes for elementary students and an hour or more for middle and high school.

Jennifer Elise Chase
Originally published in: 
District Administration
April, 2013

Enrollment Explosion

The Oro Grande (Calif.) School District has grown dramatically thanks to creative charter schools.

When Joseph Andreasen joined the rural Oro Grande School District in 2006 as assistant superintendent, he was one of seven employees. The one-elementary-school district was short on students and therefore on cash, because state funding is based largely on enrollment.

Since then, however, the southern California school system, located about 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles, has exploded. The staff numbers more than 250, enrollment has skyrocketed from roughly 110 students to more than 3,700, and the budget has stabilized, with $12 million in savings and reserves to pay off debt.

Ericka Mellon
Originally published in: 
District Administration
October, 2012

Superintendents' Frustrations Grow, But Intangible Rewards Remain High

The nation’s K12 school superintendents are increasingly fatigued and frustrated by pressures to accomplish more in their districts with less resources. For most, though, personal commitment to public education helps overcome sources of stress stemming from many aspects of their jobs.

Originally published in: 
District Administration
September, 2012