Re-Balancing Assessment: Placing Formative and Performance Assessment at the Heart of Learning and Accountability

What gets tested is what gets taught. Ever since Frederick Kelly, Dean of the College of Education at the University of Kansas, introduced the multiple choice test in 1914, we’ve increasingly tested what’s easy to measure, not necessarily what matters. While a fine approach for many basic skills, it falls far short of facilitating the deeper learning demanded in the 21st century. When high stakes are added to these tests, they further narrow the focus of teaching and learning, place unproductive stress on educators, and diminish student engagement and motivation.

How Well Do Your District and Classroom Assessment Measure Up?

We know you need effective assessments that can give you reliable results to inform important data-driven decisions about instruction. Do you want to learn how to make sure that the questions in your assessments are providing evidence of understanding? Interested to learn how to build better assessments in your district?

In this 50-minute webinar you will:

3 Ways a Coherent Assessment Program Can Benefit Your District

Introducing eMPower Assessments(tm) by Measured Progress, the new assessment solution for grades 3–8 that gives a direct, predictive connection to the SAT® Suite of Assessments.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how eMPower and the SAT Suite of Assessments work together to create a consistent approach that yields valid and reliable data to show growth over time toward college and career readiness.

You’ll find out how to:

Balanced Assessment System

Learn the 4 main components of a balanced assessment system when you download this comprehensive infographic.

What Makes a Strong Assessment Item

You need effective assessment items to provide data to inform instruction and help you make important classroom decisions. Learn the 7 key elements of a strong assessment when you download our infographic.

It's All About Student Learning

Quality without Compromise

High-quality assessment begins with strong content:

  • Evidence-centered design: Defined outcomes and evidence that lead to the most valid measurement.
  • Certified WebbAlign® DOK Partner: Accurate identification of cognitive complexity.
  • 100% original item development: No recycling, cloning, or retrofitting.
  • Continuous research and development to provide you with better tools and resources.

Formative Content Bank Brochure

The Measured Progress Formative Content Bank is a set of premium formative assessment items and preconfigured quizzes designed to help teachers gather classroom evidence of student learning. Using the Formative Content Bank, teachers can confidently build quizzes and tests that provide meaningful evidence of student understanding and make informed instructional decisions.

eMPower Assessments State Brochure

Robust accountability solution for grades 3–8. A new approach to statewide assessment, eMPower Assessments(tm) was developed to college and career readiness standards.

eMPower Assessment District Brochure

Strong Measurement. Better Learning. eMPower Assessments™ provide the only assessment solution for grades 3–8 that gives a direct predictive connection to the SAT® Suite of Assessments. Together, eMPower and the SAT Suite of Assessments represent a comprehensive approach to assessment that yields valid and reliable data to show growth over time.

Boston Public Schools: Improving student learning through formative assessment

Boston Public Schools had a challenge.
With multiple curricula, how could educators assess student learning consistently and accurately across 125 different schools? They needed to measure all students’ progress toward grade-level standards in a fair and equitable way.
How did they solve it?
Boston leaders worked with Measured Progress to design a customized assessment program through the Test Construction Service. The result? They gained rigorous assessments aligned to state standards that support improved learning for more than 50,000 students.