White Paper

Guide to Meeting the Next Generation Science Standards

Learn how educators can help students apply their knowledge and effectively implement the Next Generation Science Standards through performance tasks. This guide from Defined STEM provides information, research, and best practices.

Guide to Project-Based Learning

Learn how project-based learning (PBL) can empower your students to build the critical 21st-century skills they need to succeed in college, careers, and life. This e-book from Defined STEM provides research, best practices, and tips to help you implement PBL with ease.

MTSS: Ensuring Equitable Outcomes for All Students

This eBook will explore how any central office can work towards true education equity through an MTSS based on combined student and school performance data. You’ll discover which school-based data points are most relevant, which on-site supports are most effective, and how to ensure continuous improvement.

Congratulations! You've Got Competition (for Enrollments)

School choice, technology, and other factors have created a competitive environment for student enrollments in public education. How can you effectively compete for students and attract new families to your district?

This complimentary ebook can be your guide to fending off competitive threats and maintaining an edge. Get your copy today to start competing for your student enrollments.


Building a positive brand image is critical for districts and schools that want to attract and retain top administrators, quality teachers and students. Just like local businesses, schools are integral to community identities. Educators and parents have options when choosing schools, and it’s your brand that will attract them to your district. A positive brand image instills pride in your staff and students. It showcases the good work being accomplished by your district and schools, driving goodwill throughout the community you serve.

eBook: Getting Started with SEL

This eBook provides a basic overview on how social and emotional learning (SEL) impacts student achievement. It also gives tips on how to gather data, recommendations for evidenced-based programs, and other considerations related to SEL.

eBook: A Complete Guide to Balanced Assessment Systems

This eBook aims to do two things. First, it’s to help you understand the components of a comprehensive balanced district assessment program. Second, this resource will outline the steps to creating an intelligent, efficient, cost-effective system of assessments that can support stakeholder decision-making and enhance student outcomes at all levels.

2016-2017 Impact Report

The 2016-2017 Impact Report highlights the sustained success our district partners continue to see in student achievement, student engagement, and teacher efficacy. The Report looks at how districts over challenges to meet the needs of all learners.

Re-Balancing Assessment: Placing Formative and Performance Assessment at the Heart of Learning and Accountability

What gets tested is what gets taught. Ever since Frederick Kelly, Dean of the College of Education at the University of Kansas, introduced the multiple choice test in 1914, we’ve increasingly tested what’s easy to measure, not necessarily what matters. While a fine approach for many basic skills, it falls far short of facilitating the deeper learning demanded in the 21st century. When high stakes are added to these tests, they further narrow the focus of teaching and learning, place unproductive stress on educators, and diminish student engagement and motivation.

The Value of Technology in Improving School Safety

Technology is not the answer for everything, but it can play a role in streamlining and enhancing school safety initiatives. Learn how to leverage technology to accomplish your school safety goals.