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7 Tips for Marketing Your School District

What’s your "wow" factor?

What separates you from every other K-12 educational institution? This tip sheet includes seven ways you can embrace marketing, tweak your messaging, and empower your staff in order to maintain and increase enrollment.

Assessment practice that informs powerful instruction

Assessment, when done well, can make a profound contribution to helping all kids learn. But for any test to make a real difference for student learning, crucial assessment components — such as norms, standard error of measure, scales and item pool depth — must be incorporated in order to yield actionable data that helps educators deliver individualized instruction.

The Impact of Student Achievement

Recently, articles that have stated that the value of superintendents is little when it comes to impacting student achievement have been published.

These articles are based on a faulty research report from the Brookings Institute and contained examples of perceived superintendent’s misconduct, some of which were quite old and misleading.