Most Recent Summit - July 2016, Chicago

We are on the verge of a revolution, a revolution that is over 60 years in the making. With so much emphasis being placed on testing and accountability, we are missing out on the single greatest opportunity to make a difference - teacher created formative assessment with timely, focused interventions.

How do you engage students in collaborative problem solving? How do you ensure all students access rigorous learning experiences? In this presentation, Nigel will demonstrate and discuss the power of using narrative to drive mathematics instruction, capturing students' imagination as they work together to solve challenging performance tasks.

In this talk, Dr. Rothschild will highlight new research on the impact of effective after-school and recess programs for elementary school students and offer ideas on how to successfully enhance your own programs.

We have some concerning gaps in most US communities in attracting certain Student demographics to the most rapidly growing careers in Science, Engineering, Math, Technology and Art & Design. Many schools are struggling with their students willingness to “Invest” their time and energy in these important STEM+ subject areas.

BetterLesson and Manassas City Public Schools have partnered together to catalyze dramatic shifts in teacher practice throughout the district. Both BetterLesson and Manassas City Public Schools are excited to share learnings from their experiences working together.

The advent of digital learning means that change is a constant for today's schools and the tools they use to educate. Through the lens of Fort Thomas Independent Schools in Kentucky, this panel will identify key takeaways from a district's digital conversion, especially when it comes to managing change for teachers, students, and administrators.

Back in 2012, Utica Community Schools’ leadership knew that technology would be essential to better meet the individual learning needs of every student—but devices were just one component of a larger instructional strategy. To truly transform classrooms, the district made an early bet on a comprehensive blended learning solution that’s yielding impressive results over four years later.