Colorado Springs Session Recordings

Jennifer Knighton

With 15 year’s experience in digital transformation, Jennifer now leads the introduction of Turnitin’s newest product, Revision Assistant, in school districts across the US. She works with Superintendents, district administrators, and campus leaders to help teachers implement strategies that improve student writing proficiency, engage students in the writing process, and provide teachers with unprecedented insight into their students’ growth as writers and communicators.

The right feedback at the right moment in time has a significant impact on student outcomes. Learn more about ways Turnitin can support both formative and summative feedback on student writing to help students become more proficient writers and help teachers become powerful leaders in writing instruction.

Nigel Nisbet is the Director of Content Creation at the MIND Research Institute, designing new instructional software that uses a highly visual game-based approach to teach mathematics to students, regardless of their language proficiency. A former High School Mathematics teacher and Mathematics Coordinator with the Los Angeles Unified School District, he is an expert in classroom technology and experiential learning. In addition to a degree in Pure mathematics from the University of London, he has a MA in Educational Administration.

Society has a math problem, and it’s not one that can be solved by traditional methods. To improve outcomes at a significant scale in our education system, we must become adept at changing the culture of learning.

Mike Belcher

As the HP Americas Education Strategist, Mike is completely focused on how to best support schools in maximizing their most important student outcomes. Mike had been providing guidance and recommendations to School Districts, Legislative bodies and Offices of Education for more than 15 years. Doing so through planning support as well as facilitating the building and delivering the most effective and sustainable Ed Tech programs. He currently resides in Houston, TX and is a Board Member of several education and workforce development organizations.

We have some concerning gaps in most US communities in attracting certain Student demographics to the most rapidly growing careers in Science, Engineering, Math, Technology and Art & Design.

Mark Rothschild

Mark Rothschild, Ph.D. is founder and CEO of Right At School, an innovative educational services company focused on educational enrichment programs before, during and after school. Right At School serves more than 25,000 students every day, right in their own schools.

Mark’s career has spanned numerous for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Mark has lead several JCCs, was President of Knowledge Advisors, Sr. Vice President at FastWeb, and a Communication Specialist at both McKinsey & Company and Arthur Andersen. Mark is an ordained rabbi from Hebrew Union College, earned a Ph.D. in education leadership from Indiana University, an MA from Northwestern, and a BA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Mark likes school!

In this interactive workshop, Dr. Rothschild will highlight new research on the impact of effective after-school and recess programs for elementary school students and offer ideas on how to successfully enhance your own programs.

Dave MacLeod

As President and Co-Founder of Thoughtexchange, Dave MacLeod leads a team responsible for changing the face of online consultation. Leveraging the power of group intelligence and the principles of collaborative negotiation, Dave draws on his previous experience as a town hall facilitator and community development consultant, to help leaders - primarily in K-12 education - engage with stakeholders in a way that redefines what's possible in the public consultation space.

Under Dave’s leadership, a team of facilitation experts and software engineers continue to challenge the status quo and overcome the inherent gaps of traditional listening tools, finding solutions for many of today's critical education and health challenges. Using Thoughtexchange, hundreds of North American leaders have successfully engaged with their stakeholders to inform bond measure development, education assurance models, teacher efficacy and evaluation, and most recently, a public health consultation focused on human rights.

With three boys at home all under the age of five, practicing complex negotiation and mediation is also a big part of Dave's daily personal life.

Quintin Shepherd

Dr. Quintin Shepherd began his career in education teaching music at Cambridge Community Unit School District in Cambridge, Illinois. He served as principal at Amboy High and Elementary schools, before moving into the superintendent role at Amboy Community School District and then District 69 in Skokie, Illinois. Since joining the Linn-Mar Community School District, Shepherd has led the district in formulating a 10-year strategic plan, a restructuring plan and a bond referendum campaign.

Quintin Shepherd, Ph.D. Superintendent Linn-Mar Community School District and Dave MacLeod CEO of Thoughtexchange will discuss lessons learned when Linn-Mar gave a voice to nearly 2,000 community members as a part of a new blueprint for the future of the district.

Andrew Hegedus

Dr. Andrew Hegedus is a Senior Research Manager at NWEA, where he manages research projects focused on understanding growth drivers in schools. His interests include working with education system leadership to use data and evidence to build their capacity, and improve their system's performance. Andy holds an Ed.D. in Education Leadership from the University of Delaware, a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, and B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

In the last ten years, there has been an increased focus on using data to impact change in educational settings. It has influenced policies (NCLB to ESSA), and strategies for evaluating programs. Yet, we know improving outcomes requires more than merely gathering data. Dr.

Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim is the CEO and founder of Education Elements, a blended learning technology company he created in 2010. A seasoned entrepreneur, Anthony also founded and led Provost Systems, a provider of software and services for operating online schools, where he worked with K-12, post-secondary and Department of Defense institutions to support innovation in instructional delivery and instructional technology. After selling Provost Systems to EdisonLearning (formerly Edison Schools) in 2008, Anthony served as Executive Vice President of Online at EdisonLearning until 2010, building out its newly formed online business unit. Anthony graduated from Cornell University and has served as an advisor to several software companies. He lives in San Francisco with his family, including two huskies.

As district leaders you want to make sure your technology initiatives deliver the results you promised. Education Elements will share stories of how districts go beyond technology to meet the needs of every learner and how they minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

Jan Bryan

As Vice President and National Education Officer, Dr. Bryan advises educators about academic trends and opportunities. Dr. Bryan’s work focuses on the power of an effective educator, influences on student achievement, and using data to fuel insight. Known for her highly engaging approach, Dr. Bryan delivers relevant and research-rich presentations for educators and administrators.

Can we take personalized learning to scale? Is it worth it? Personalized learning is the current hot trend, but some educators struggle to define what it is. How does one define personalized learning, and begin implementation?

David Carter

David Carter is responsible for strategic alliances with Encore's defined partners, designing and implementing technical solutions; helping organizations align their mission, vision and values to technologies and resources that specifically support those values. 

Prior to Encore, he held leadership positions within a variety of industries, from public education, manufacturing, Fortune 500 companies, IT services firms and entrepreneurial start-up companies.

After receiving a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Sociology from PSU, he continues to maintain a number of high level certifications.

Jamie Wilson

Dr. Jamie Wilson, superintendent of Denton ISD, has built a reputation through public education advocacy, growth management, and instructional innovation. His life-long ties to the Denton community positioned him to become the leader of the school system.

As a collaborator, Dr. Wilson forged partnerships with local business, universities, and organizations. Recently, the district co-founded Mentor Denton which seeks to place mentors with the district's at-risk students, accounting for 42 percent of the district’s 28,000 students.

How bringing IT, Administration, Curriculum, and Instruction together by making the creation of accounts, presentation of apps and digital resources easy and automatic for everyone.

Discover how a former CIO and current Superintendent of Schools parlay this maze of technology into an understandable concept.