Tucson Session Recordings

Many districts have recognized the omnipresent achievement gap for disadvantaged students. This session will discuss root causes and approaches for systemic improvement.

In order to ensure that we are creating a level but rigorous playing field for all students to succeed, regardless of their primary language and socio-economic background, we have to better understand the science behind how students learn. This presentation will demonstrate how neuroscience, motivational research, and innovative technology can transform math education for ALL students.

Few will argue that a postsecondary education is important. However, the complexities in preparing and applying to college significantly prohibits a students success of receiving a postsecondary education. NextTier Education has set out to break down barriers to college enrollment through it’s web- and mobile based postsecondary readiness platform.

We have some concerning gaps in most US communities in attracting certain Student demographics to the most rapidly growing careers in Science, Engineering, Math, Technology and Art & Design. Many schools are struggling with their students willingness to “Invest” their time and energy in these important STEM+ subject areas.

As district leaders you want to make sure your technology initiatives deliver the results you promised. Education Elements will share stories of how districts go beyond technology to meet the needs of every learner and how they minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

In this interactive workshop, Dr. Rothschild will highlight new research on the impact of effective after-school and recess programs for elementary school students and offer ideas on how to successfully enhance your own programs.