Most Recent Summit - November 2016, Nashville

Terry Grier will share the insight he has gained from seven years of leading Houston Independent School District as superintendent, including enacting a revered tech implementation plan that inspired districts across the country.

When math education moves beyond how and into why, you hear it happening. “Oh, now I get it.” “Yes!” “I knew it!” This is the sound of deeper engagement, deeper thought, deeper learning. How do you get there? Nigel Nisbet will share insights on how our brains learn and how to create active learning environments that encourage deeper learning and foster student success in the 21st century.

As district leaders you want to make sure your technology initiatives deliver the results you promised. Education Elements will share stories of how districts go beyond technology to meet the needs of every learner and how they minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

In this interactive workshop, Dr. Rothschild will highlight new research on the impact of effective after-school and recess programs for elementary school students and offer ideas on how to successfully enhance your own programs.

Stories across the U.S. are similar, but only a select few make national headlines. A school district launches an ambitious student 1:1 Digital Learning program spending millions of dollars with limited or unsustainable improvements. The core reason? An inability to see any measured outcomes from this investment.

Educational assessments are powerful tools but they are also at the center of many political debates. The latest Gallup/NWEA study highlights the need for increased communication among schools, families, assessment experts and policymakers, where all stakeholders understand the importance of matching the right assessment with the right purpose.

Based on Keys 1 and 3 of the Seven Keys to College and Career Readiness, learn how a South Central Middle Tennessee district is changing the paradigm of truly measuring reading, by actually having students read, and emphasizing the importance of literacy to eliminate the status quo in classrooms and spark a revolution in education.

The MasteryConnect platform helps teachers identify levels of student understanding to remediate and personalize learning. Teachers can create curriculum maps, share standards-aligned resources and track student mastery of state standards.