DALI STEM Leadership Conference
The Westin New Orleans Canal Place, New Orleans, Louisiana
Sep 26 - 28, 2017

DALI STEM Leadership Conference, September 2017

During the current decade, science and engineering employment opportunities in the US are projected to grow 30% faster than other occupations. This creates an immense opportunity, and an immense educational challenge. Our nation’s schools are increasingly under pressure to deliver the best STEM programs, and that requires the best STEM solutions.

The DALI STEM leadership conference was created exclusively for Assistant Superintendents of Curriculum, CAOs, CIOs, and Curriculum or STEM Directors as an opportunity to share experiences and strategies related to achieving excellence in STEM education.

The DALI STEM Leadership Conference will feature:

  • Interactive presentations from solution providers
  • Significant time for collaboration with fellow educators
  • Opportunities for networking and relationship building


As the Director of EdTech Innovation, Mike is completely focused on how to best support schools in maximizing their most important student outcomes. Mike had been providing guidance and recommendations to School Districts, Legislative bodies and Offices of Education for more than 15 years. Doing so through planning support as well as facilitating the building and delivering the most effective and sustainable Ed Tech programs. He currently resides in northern California and is a Board Member of several education and workforce development organizations.

Nigel Nisbet is the Director of Content Creation at the MIND Research Institute, designing new instructional software that uses a highly visual game-based approach to teach mathematics to students, regardless of their language proficiency. A former High School Mathematics teacher and Mathematics Coordinator with the Los Angeles Unified School District, he is an expert in classroom technology and experiential learning. In addition to a degree in Pure mathematics from the University of London, he has a MA in Educational Administration.

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