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April 2016, Colorado Springs

In this talk, Dr. Rothschild will highlight new research on the impact of effective after-school and recess programs for elementary school students and offer ideas on how to successfully enhance your own programs.

Sometimes we visit a classroom where we see students engaged in authentic learning experiences, but what they are doing differs from what we expect the learning process to look like. Nigel will share the neuroscientific perspective on learning that provides an energizing look at why, in fact, deep learning is not linear.

The MasteryConnect platform helps teachers identify levels of student understanding to remediate and personalize learning. Teachers can create curriculum maps, share standards-aligned resources and track student mastery of state standards.

When you visit most schools, you see kids typing in word processors, making presentation slides and doing drill and skill for standardized tests. No creativity, no innovation, little STEMx learning. Mike Belcher, HP’s Education Chief Innovation Officer, will share how some schools have embraced Blended Reality and how it can transform digital learning as we know it.


Kevin Skelcher is here from Thoughtexchange the Group Conversation Platform now used by school districts across North America to engage us with a group conversation activity you can take back to your district and to show us some patent pending data visualizations.


Realizing the full potential of a 1-to-1 rollout requires more than technology investment and initial training. Providing the right ongoing professional development support for teachers is essential for success.


The digital transformation can only occur successfully with high quality professional development. Dr. Karen Beerer and Dr. Jane Westerhold will share how they infused some TLC into professional development. TLC? Probably not what you are thinking… Karen and Jane will explain how Teacher Leadership Corps (TLC) in Des Plaines School District 62 has transformed teaching and learning.

Learn how District 49 has created a culture of reading through collaboration and a strong vision to provide students a personalize approach to learning.

We know that success comes from leveraging strong management and leadership, but where should Superintendents focus to make school districts fundamentally better organizations? This is the question UPD Consulting has been helping district leaders answer for nearly 10 years.

While academic preparation is instrumental to any student’s success in college or career, a strong academic background alone is not enough to assure the success of low income students in college and career. Some of the triggers for college success are not widely known.