Most Recent Summit - Spring 2014, Phoenix

Speaker(s): Suhail Farooqui

Public school systems face two serious deficits — fiscal and trust. While everyone understands a lack of money, it’s difficult to communicate a lack of trust. As social media empowers vocal naysayers, district administrators lose ground, ultimately risking the very future of education.

Speaker(s): Todd Brekhus, Chris Belcher, Dr. Malbert Smith

Join Dr. Malbert Smith and Dr. Chris Belcher as they discuss the importance of early literacy. You will hear about new and upcoming research on early literacy and how The Lexile® Framework for Reading measures student’s reading levels and growth. In addition, you will also hear how Columbia Public Schools is implementing myON community wide with a focus on early literacy.

Speaker(s): Steven Miller

Understanding the actual physiology of learning (or how learning takes place in the brain) is impacting education practices across the country and internationally. This learning is helping us to understand how students can learn faster and more easily and how it can help students overcome some of the stumbling blocks to accelerating academic performance.

Speaker(s): Greg Firn

As the nation is consumed with STEM as well as college and career readiness we may miss the obvious. That is, STEM is a "how" not a "what". STEM will soon become, if not already, a misunderstood vehicle for deeper, more robust critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, problem solving, and global citizenship.

Speaker(s): Nigel Nisbet

Rigor in the classroom means that students are engaged in solving challenging problems to which neither the answer nor the solution strategy are in any way obvious. It sounds so simple and yet it is so hard to achieve. And from the perspective of administration, how do you ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn in this kind of rich, challenging environment?

Speaker(s): Scott Bennett

Knowing that all districts are dealing with limited financial and labor resources but increasing expectations regarding network service, how do you meet both requirements? How do you deliver a network that supports the myriad curriculum and content strategies coming from your Ed Tech side of the house? Today’s session will address strategies that allow you to build a sustainable solution.

Speaker(s): Matthew Camacho, Lindsay Smith

In certain districts, blended learning programs are growing to serve a meaningful number of students. With successful programs in place, the challenge for these districts becomes how to scale these programs without scaling costs and resources at the same rate. Learn how several districts around the country are tackling this challenge.