Most Recent Summit - Spring 2015, Colorado Springs

Speaker(s): Mike Belcher

As we all know, new college & career ready standards, combined with more effective instructional strategies and especially digital assessments are creating a massive “Rush” for technology in K12 school systems. In this session, Mike will discuss some of the key challenges and approaches to improving student outcomes by taking the focus off the Device.

Speaker(s): Martha Burns

Our next presentation is provided by Scientific Learning whose mission is to apply proven research on how the brain learns to accelerate learning for your most struggling students. Dr. Martha Burns, Director of Neuroscience Education at Scientific Learning and Associate Professor at Northwestern University, will brief us on the new science of Learning.

Speaker(s): David Knoche

Many superintendents new to blended learning may be curious to understand how a blended learning program gets implemented. In this session, Dave Knoche, Principal of Falcon Virtual Academy, will walk us through the story of how they set up this new blended learning school from the planning phase to where they are today.

Speaker(s): Todd Brekhus, Doris Linville

Reading is the gateway to learning! By leveraging technology in the classroom, educators can provide a personalized approach to literacy to help achieve reading readiness, extend the school day and cultivate a culture of reading. Today you will have an opportunity to experience myON first hand to help achieve those goals and more.

Speaker(s): Matthew Peterson

Today’s learners are bombarded with more information than any other generation. How do we make sure that we reach them with the right information, and the right way? Dr.

Speaker(s): Mark Quintana

Developing a culture of continuous improvement is critical towards building capacity for long-lasting academic progress within schools and districts. This presentation shares examples of district-level experiences to demonstrate key components necessary to effectively lead school districts through a process of data-driven change management.

Speaker(s): John Cronin

One consequence of the introduction of “college and career ready” standards to schools has been a dramatic increase in the cut scores that students must meet to demonstrate proficiency on PARCC, SBAC, and a number of new state tests aligned to these goals.