Most Recent Summit - February 2015, Phoenix

Speaker(s): Michael Moody , Richard Nyankori

Students need great teachers. But given the heightened expectations and challenges presented by new standards and assessments, do teachers have the support they need to grow in their instruction?

Speaker(s): Mike DePalma

Digital learning is increasingly becoming a solution for expanding student options. There are various models for implementing digital learning from in-class to new class to new school models. During this presentation, Mike DePalma will discuss ways we have seen online learning implemented, share best practices and success stories.

Speaker(s): Art McCoy

Each year, the United States invests billions in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and workforce development. Very soon--over 70% of jobs will require core STEM skills. There are a number of initiatives that can rapidly connect and leverage the world of STEM and help us build a STEM pipeline and workforce.

Speaker(s): Todd Brekhus, Doris Linville

Reading is the gateway to learning! By leveraging technology in the classroom, educators can provide a personalized approach to literacy to help achieve reading readiness, extend the school day and cultivate a culture of reading. Today you will have an opportunity to experience myON first hand to help achieve those goals and more.

Speaker(s): Sam Brooks

The VITAL program offers credit advancement/credit recovery, dual enrollment, IVC (live) distance learning, K-12 blended learning, homeschooling, as well as professional development for the 20 schools within the school district. In the fall of 2014, the programl opened the V.I.T.A.L. Collegiate High School (dual enrollment).

Speaker(s): Oliver Wreford

The Student Information System is the hub of the education ecosystem. With advanced API technology, the SIS has powerful capabilities to provide unique, expandable solutions to manage school and classroom data.