What is the DA Leadership Institute?

The mission of the District Administration Leadership Institute (DALI) is to provide cutting-edge professional development to school district superintendents and other senior education executives to inspire innovation and leadership excellence in K12 education.

This mission is accomplished through top-tier live events focused on intensive networking and collaboration with innovative solution providers, and through engagement in virtual communities to promote ongoing discussion, debate, and the sharing of professional resources and leadership initiatives.

Participation Opportunities:

District Administration Online

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Thank You for Attending Our Superintendents Summit in Naples

Thanks to all participants at the recent Superintendents Summit in Naples, Fla., where superintendents heard presentations on the latest advancements in K12 curriculum development and instructional technology, participated in knowledge roundtables and established new professional contacts.

To all superintendents who attended this or any of our summits, we would also like to take this opportunity to invite you once again to consider becoming a member of the District Administration Leadership Institute. Benefits include enabling you to attend one summit of your choice every year, to stay in touch with your colleagues through the Institute’s online community and monthly newsletter, membership in the advisory panel of District Administration magazine, and a free copy of DALI's soon-to-be-published superintendents compensation report.